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Auric Flywheel

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Auric Flywheel
By Andrew John Heath
May 10, 2012

Break up the dams that hold back the mighty river.
Slowly take off layer after layer until only the treasure laden silt remains.
Sift through the soul of the riverbed for deposits from mountains on high.
Claim all washed up residue from the stormy past, enjoy memories of the joyous raindrops dancing and tickling the leaves of our Elders.
Malleable memories bring their gifts and worries to the Source, part of an endless cycle from stardust to life.
Planets align in their spin because of their ability to warp space and time.
Phi is the Golden Mean, spun by the Hand of the Creator, drawing up and up and up and up to an infinite expansion of consciousness.
Want to know the power within? Awaken the chakras admire their color, tone and spin.
The magic in the pause… IS.
We are the senses of the All-knowing, ever expanding ever growing.
How could we think we could own a piece of Infinity when we are the whole thing.
We are the song of Omnipotent Creation, strings connected to Divinity plucked by Angels on High.
Glory awaits the awakened and aware, especially those whom care as much for others as themselves.
Pay it forward and you add another spin… to the rockin’ ride on the flywheels within.


Written by AndrewJohnHeath

October 25, 2012 at 1:03 am

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