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Conscious Vibe

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Conscious Vibe

By Andrew John Heath
October 21, 2012

Shock waves of thought permeate the Multi-verse sowing seeds of splendor.
Desire stirs new life within the seeds of progressive change.
The rib of atom is stripped to form higher matter.
Duality is Born.
Divine union sparks light sending forth undulating waves of probability, awakening the silent field of Omni-potential.
Thought precedes form.
Focus concentrates energy into matter.
Light changes frequency and is hypnotized into believing your alone.
Information of your origin encoded in space and time, remain an illusion to your awareness.
Present, past and future merge into one by embracing NOW.
Harvest your bounty with the awareness that… Your wish is your command.
All is realized in Divine timing.
Enjoy freewill of choice. Choose wisely.
Cause and Effect are two heads on the same coin. Give and Receive.
Realize you become what you think about most.
The Holy Ghost is your servant.
The Holy Ghost is your telepathic companion, an Omnipotent time traveler that flies on the wings of Angels, on this Mighty and Magnificent, Omnipresent Amusement Ride traversing the Living Tides of Consciousness.
Awaken now from your hypnotic sleep. Look through real eyes and know…
You Are the Light of the World.
All is possible unto YOU!
All praise your MOTHER! All praise your FATHER! …for the gifts you are about to receive.


Written by AndrewJohnHeath

October 23, 2012 at 5:38 am