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Eddy of the River – Andrew John Heath

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Vortices exist on every level, whether seen or unseen their sacred spins are perpetually in motion.

Eddy is a fractal in the flow of life and no matter what form energy and matter may take (thought, plasma, gas, liquid, solid, light, or magnetic waves), Eddy still turns.

Pull all into alignment with concentric motion and stars are born. Fusing atoms into infinitely small spaces give birth to light. When atoms dance, the Universe sings.

DNA and RNA are the love potions that twist elements into  every form of life imaginable. Only slight variations in sequence make us a Prince/Princess, plant or toad. Our cosmic finger print rooted in Golden Mean helps us understand progression. The perfect image of balance in form, Phi expresses the unfolding cornucopia of our Cosmos.

Procession of celestial bodies shows that everything wobles during its spin. Concentrate on the peace in the Eye of the Storm. All is possible in the zero-point pause, rest assured. Meditations take us there.

Everything is a vortex in the grand river of life, while going with the flow and admiring the sites and enjoying the view, feel the presence of our Source drawing us near, back to the day before creation.

Adrenaline junkies seek turbulent flow. When the going gets tough look for the eddy by the shore of conscious desire. Like attracts like is law for attraction and the contrast rings true, too. Choose every thought well. Set our desire and fan it into a fire that legends foretell awakens a Genie-within able to grant our every wish. Raising vibrations helps to form the conduit that guides us to it.

Action rubs tarnished residue off the lamp of life, formed by doubt which diminishes its luster. Every movement causes an equal and/or opposite reaction whether forward or back. 
Turn love into a blissful blessings. Turn irritations into precious pearls. 
Turn in any direction and stand for the ideal we want to live. Attitude determines the value of our dreams. Our expression and connection determine their worth.

Eddy is everywhere nearer than breath and closer than touch. Vacuum is the down beat that sets the pumping rhythm of our Universal song. Souls dance with the Divine continually replenished by our Maker. Eddy out, then continue on, for life is a party for those who dance!

(Eddy of the River – by Andrew John Heath)


Written by AndrewJohnHeath

February 12, 2013 at 1:32 am