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Walking In the Shadow of the Power Lines

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Walking In the Shadow of the Power Lines
By Andrew John Heath
June 8, 2012

105 F in the Tucson Sun, a mile to walk between air-conditioned spaces, and get to the places we need to be.
Desert parched awaits relief from Monsoonal flow, when the dew point hits 52 F, two days in a row.
Hot air rises seeding clouds with dust in the upward thrust of moisture and air.
The dance of ice bobbing up and down, builds up static friction of Earth married to Water in Air and… All hale the new creation of a glorious thunderhead.
Using Ben Franklin’s key and kite you just might unleash the unbridled -power of Thunder Beings flinging wild fire.
Like Prometheus bringing fire from the gods to man; we learned that by wrapping copper and spinning magnets, we have captured the power of lightning and send it to and fro landing wherever there are customers with a handful of dough.
Thirsty for electricity and hungry for comfort we have unknowingly turned to the dark-side.
The ‘dark-side’, because, for the last 100+ years we have used ‘black-energy’ from under ground to spin the wheels, gears and generators of industry, plus, move freight and passengers around the world.
Many are the tears of the animals that live and migrate through the mountains and valleys removed for coal.
Many are the suffering and scars of life covered in strife from crude oil.
Why strangle sand to remove its tar?
Why crack shale with explosives and then steam injecting poisons into the Earth so She creates short-term jobs and coughs up cheap natural gas?
What price are we willing to pay for 10cents per kilowatt electricity today?

Now is the time to reclaim our power from the shadow-side of life.
Now is the hour to move beyond pollution and greed.
Now is the moment when we choose – more life for all and less for none.

Eternally spun into the web-of-life, know that Nature’s only weapon is the boomerang.
What ever we throw at Her, always comes back at us.
There is no ‘away’ to ‘throw-away’.
We live in a closed circle.
No longer shall we be the species that knows the price and expense of everything yet… the value and cost of nothing.
The only thing we should throw-away is our expectancy of short-term gain at the expense of long-term suffering.
Sustainable technologies have a 7 to 15 year Return on Investment (ROI).
This ROI for renewable energy systems should be carried out to Seven Generations and beyond.
Every dollar invested in renewable energy, helps guarantee our Legacy and insures an Enlightened Humanity. Cheers to clean energy!


Written by AndrewJohnHeath

October 25, 2012 at 10:28 pm