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Water from the Sun!

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Solar Wind Made Water In Earth!
By Andrew John Heath
Tucson, Arizona, USA
October 15, 2012

In addition to water coming to Earth by comets, water mainly came from inside our own planet. Early Earth was a molten sphere of metals that have an affinity for hydrogen. Hydrogen from the solar wind impregnated our planet while it was hot and had little atmosphere. As Earth cooled the molten metals became solid oar. Solid metal oar released its hydrogen. Hydrogen then reacted with oxygen trapped in metal oxide within rock and water was formed. Oxides are elements like Aluminum or Silicon that have one or more oxygen atoms attached to them. (AlOx, SiOx, etc.) Oxides are the catalyst for making water from hydrogen gas because oxygen is leached from metal and other types of oxides, as it comes in contact with them, to make H2O. Therefore, most of the water on Earth today came from inside our planet long ago, thanks to the Sun and its hydrogen rich solar wind.

Newly formed water vapor escaped from inside the Earth and interacted with other gases in our early atmosphere. Volcanoes spewed dust particles into early Earth’s atmosphere providing a nucleus for rain droplets to form. This began the cycle of water circulating between the Earth’s surface and sky. Rain falling to the planet and evaporating accelerated the cooling of Earth’s crust. This slowed down the exchange of hydrogen inside the Earth with oxygen trapped in rock. Today the water cycle on Earth is a balanced cycle.

Scientists know that at the core of the Earth is a solid Nickel-Iron core. Nickel-Iron is one of the alloys that effectively stores hydrogen. Nickel that absorbs hydrogen becomes what is called Nickel Hydride (used in today’s rechargeable batteries.) Hydride is any metal that absorbs hydrogen. When metals absorb hydrogen the metal heats up caused by an exothermic reaction. When metal hydrides release hydrogen they cool down caused by an endothermic reaction. At a certain time in our planets history the core, mantel and surface stabilized its exchange of hydrogen within Earth. Now water recycles itself and contributes to maintaining Earth’s stable atmosphere.

The recent events of finding high concentrations of hydrogen around the craters on the south pole of the Moon, observing higher-than-expected hydrogen in and on planetoids, and yesterdays release in LA Times that moon rocks created water on the Moon by interacting with the hydrogen ions contained within the Solar Wind, helps prove the original idea I had one rainy summers day, 2005 in Florida. My original thought in 2005 was that Earth is a big hydrogen storage tank and water was created here, within the Earth itself…. and that Icy Comets in space are not necessarily frozen oceans of exploded planets but water production sites in space! Signed, Andrew John Heath


Written by AndrewJohnHeath

October 15, 2012 at 11:28 pm